Monday, December 17, 2007

Book Content Complete

I'm excited to say that last night I checked in the last chapter that needed to be completed for the Ruport book. We've got a reasonably large amount of revising and reorganizing in the next week or two, but the code and commentary are now pretty much where we want them to be.

This means if you've been holding off on buying a pre-order, now might be a good chance to pick one up. We're really relying on the community to help us spot problems and clear up any confusing parts of the book before we make it available for print.

Here's more good news. It looks like we'll be on schedule for an end-of-year release of the book, with our first order of a proof print happening late next week. Hooray!

We promise we'll get the HTML formatted version of the book up ASAP after that, probably by early January at the latest.

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