Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Book Coverage Matrix Now Available

Mike and I have talked for a while about putting together a matrix which lets people see at a glance what features we plan to cover in the Ruport book, along with their current status. Tonight, we've finally gotten around to putting one together.

This coverage matrix will serve as an important part of the project, because it lets users know what we're trying to accomplish with the Ruport Book and gives them a chance to challenge our sense of 'finished' when it comes to covering various features.

We invite folks to keep an eye on this matrix, make suggestions for new features to be covered, complain when you think we're covering something that's not important, complain when the documentation is marked complete when it's not, give us the heads up when things are out of date, etc...

Basically, when all the rows in all the tables are green, the book will be ready to enter the typesetting / general editing phase and be complete content wise. So in addition to using this as a road map, you can look at it as a progress bar, and harangue us when things seem to be moving too slowly :)

In other news, we also got all of the cheatsheets up to date with Ruport 1.2 tonight, we'll have them up on the web within a couple days.

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